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Science Behind the Sport

Zip | Cycle | Climb | Skate | Paddle | Aim

Science Behind the Sport makes STEM real for K-12 youth as they discover how scientific concepts relate to their favorite recreation activities.

Using an outdoor classroom and focusing on hands-and-feet-on demonstrations to actively engage participants creates the unique opportunity to offer innovative educational experiences through adventure sports. Whether they’re calculating the maximum speed of a zipline ride or using their understanding of trajectories to improve their archery skills, Science Behind the Sport is sure to ignite a passion for learning that students will carry forward.

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Science Behind the Sport

Andrew Hoover

Program Director and Associate Director of STEM Education

With a background in mechanical engineering and business administration, Andrew entered the realm of Science Behind the Sport as an Instructional Coordinator in 2012. He became the Program Director of Science Behind the Sport in 2019 under WVU’s Strategic Youth Development Initiative, which later evolved into the larger Brad and Alys Smith Outdoor Economic Development Collaborative. Andrew also serves as the Associate Director of Science Adventure School, with a concentration in STEM Education.

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