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Andrew Hoover


Andrew Hoover Profile

Department: Science Behind the Sport


With a background in mechanical engineering and business administration, Andrew entered the realm of Science Behind the Sport as an Instructional Coordinator in 2012. He became the Director of Science Behind the Sport in 2019 under WVU’s Strategic Youth Development Initiative, which later evolved and transformed into the larger Smith OEDC.

To say Andrew’s interests are multifaceted would be an understatement. Besides his various outdoor recreation interests, he also partakes in DIY renovations, painting, as well as designing and building furniture, home decor, toys for his son, and gifts for others. Once, he even biked across the country to raise money for purchasing two Rifton Adaptive Tricycles for the youth of West Virginia. Andrew brings his creativity, inquisitive mind, and heart to the table when creating new opportunities for children in West Virginia to connect with STEM education through their favorite outdoor recreation activity.