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Alison Conroy

Program Coordinator

Alison Conroy Profile

Department: Smith Outdoor Economic Development Collaborative


Alison Conroy is the Program Coordinator at the Smith OEDC. Wearing more than a few hats, Alison splits her time between assisting with Ascend WV, Science Adventure School, Science Behind the Sport, conducting research on West Virginia’s outdoor recreation assets and serves in an administrative capacity for the department. She’s developed a keen eye for overseeing such an array of projects through her diverse experiences. After a fruitful decade as a Retail Operations Manager, she transitioned her focus to community and youth-serving positions; in doing so, she answered her calling to lead a meaningful and intentional career. Her work with the Collaborative is a perfect complement to her range of skills and passion for serving.

In 2005, Alison found her forever-home in West Virginia where she met her partner and started a family. Her favorite outdoor activities are hiking and whitewater paddling, but she loves any opportunity that gives her the chance to connect with the natural environment and inspire others to do the same.